What is your pricing for organizations?

There are two factors that determine our pricing for organizations: 

  1. The size of the organization, measured by the number of lawyers (law firms) or full-time students (law schools)

  2. The number of topics included in the subscription

Check out our pricing calculator for details.

Do you offer discounts?

No, sorry :). We think it’s important to be transparent about pricing (which is why we publish our pricing on our website) and also to be consistent. We think that a law firm should pay the same as other firms that are about the same size – we know how frustrating it is to learn that another firm got a better deal or pays a different price. That’s why the price on the pricing calculator is the actual price you’ll pay.

In our pricing model the price per topic goes down as you add more topics. The best deal is when you subscribe to all topics, as it includes access to everything we create during the term of the subscription at the lowest per-topic price.

We also have special pricing for customers that commit to two- or three-year deals.

We don't need organization-wide access. Can we subscribe for just a few users?

Yes, there’s an option for individual lawyers or law students to sign up themselves with a credit card (see our pricing page for details).

However, law firms and law schools don’t usually go for the individual pricing plans because a) organizational pricing usually works out to be less expensive and b) the law firm and law school pricing plans include more features (usage reports, exercises for blended learning, more billing options, etc.).

We realize that only some of your lawyers and staff will use Hotshot. But we base our law firm pricing on the size of the firm rather than the size of departments or some other metric because firm size (measured by number of lawyers) is an objective number that we can all agree on. That helps us meet our goal of transparent and consistent pricing. 

A lot of lawyers in my firm are based outside the US. Do you charge for non-US users?

Lawyers outside the US tell us that they get a lot of value from Hotshot, so the standard approach is to include them in the pricing calculation. But for US law firms with a large number of non-US lawyers, we do look at the makeup of the firm and may move the firm into a different pricing band. We have special pricing for firms that are based outside the US and have relatively few US lawyers. 

Please get in touch with our Customer Success team so we can talk about your situation.