What do the CLE jurisdiction statuses mean?

On each CLE track, you can see the credit type, credit hours, and status of CLE accreditation for each jurisdiction. Here’s what the information in the status field means:

  • Approved: the track has been approved by the jurisdiction's regulatory authority for CLE credit.

  • Applied for: our application for CLE credit is currently pending in the jurisdiction. If you complete the track, you’ll be able to claim credit in that jurisdiction if and when our application is approved.

  • Available for Credit: the jurisdiction doesn’t review CLE programs in advance to determine approval for credit. However, the track meets all the jurisdiction’s requirements for credit, and it is available for you to claim credit.

  • Non-MCLE: the jurisdiction has no CLE requirements.

  • Credit Not Available: Hotshot has applied for credit, but the track currently cannot be taken for CLE credit in that state. Anyone who completes a CLE track before the jurisdiction has officially approved it will not be able to claim credit for it even if the jurisdiction approves the track later.

  • Reciprocity: you can claim credits for this track under New Jersey’s reciprocity rule, which grants credits for CLEs that are accredited in certain other states, like New York, Illinois, or California.

If a jurisdiction isn’t listed, it means we don’t offer CLE credits in that jurisdiction for the track