Tips for encouraging usage at law firms

Here are 9 ideas to increase usage. Hotshot can provide resources to support any or all of them.

  1. Ask practice group heads/partners to send a Hotshot signup reminder to their teams, emphasizing how they might use Hotshot in their practice.

  2. Send Hotshot the names and email addresses of the target users and we’ll send them a reminder to sign up.

  3. Hotshot sends a printed welcome card with a giveaway to target users, encouraging them to sign up or log in.

  4. Invite people to demo with someone from the Hotshot team.

  5. Add a button/link to Hotshot on your firm intranet (or similar system that’s used by the whole firm).

  6. Create direct links to Hotshot courses from your training materials.

  7. Pilot a flip-the-classroom training session for associates and/or summer associates.

  8. Specify required courses for certain users (e.g., first year associates) within a specified time frame. Use the administrator dashboard to track progress and follow up with users to show you/partners are paying attention.

  9. Ask people to complete a feedback survey, which will both provide feedback and prompt some people to sign up/log in. Hotshot will send a Starbucks card to people who complete the survey.