Tips and tricks for a successful Hotshot rollout

Welcome to Hotshot! We’re excited to work with you and the team to help your firm get the most out of its subscription - and it all starts with a successful rollout. Below are some tips and tricks we’ve put together to help ensure a smooth and successful rollout for your firm. We'll walk you through the essential steps to get started, from setting up the tech to introducing Hotshot to your team.

  1. Schedule a rollout call with your Customer Success Manager

    • This is typically the first and most important step in the process - it’s where we plan and strategize your rollout. We’ll help you tailor the implementation to your firm's specific needs and provide expert guidance on best practices for maximizing engagement and value. Your dedicated Customer Success manager will be in touch to schedule the call.

  2. Make sure our email domain isn’t blocked

    • To ensure seamless access to Hotshot's content, it's important to add our domain ( to your email safe senders list. This prevents important messages like account confirmations and password reset emails from landing in spam folders.

  3. Talk to us about LMS integrations and single sign on

    • We can work with your firm’s IT team to integrate Hotshot content into LMS systems (we currently integrate with viDesktop and Micron CE Manager) and to implement single sign on. Law firms that subscribe to all Hotshot topics receive LMS integration and SSO for free.

  4. Ask people to sign up for access

    • Encourage signups via email: Send an email to your lawyers with clear sign-up instructions. We’ll send you a template sign up email you can use.

  5. Spread the word within the firm

    • Announce the partnership: Share the news about your firm's partnership with Hotshot through internal newsletters, emails, or intranet updates. Highlight the benefits and features of our platform to pique interest and encourage usage. We can give you templates to use – just ask!

    • Leverage internal champions: Identify key influencers within your firm, such as practice group leaders, training partners, or senior attorneys, who can advocate for Hotshot and encourage their colleagues to check it out.

  6. Showcase Hotshot through demos and presentations

    • Schedule short demos for practice groups and committees: Reach out to us to arrange tailored presentations that demonstrate the value of Hotshot to specific practice areas or committees (e.g., education, training, and associate committees). These demos will help your team understand how Hotshot can help support their work and training programs.

    • Host a launch event: Organize an online or in-person event to introduce Hotshot to your firm. Invite your colleagues to participate in a live demo, ask questions, and learn how to make the most of our platform.

  7. Make Hotshot a part of your firm’s learning and development strategy

    • We’ve found that firms get the most value from Hotshot when they work with us to incorporate Hotshot into their learning and development strategy. This includes a range of activities such as creating self-paced learning tracks, partnering with training partners to use Hotshot content as part of the firm’s live training programs, and more. You can read this article for more about how we work with firms to make this happen.