Setting up a structured trial

Anyone can sign up for limited free access to Hotshot, but organizations that are considering a subscription sometimes want to do a more thorough evaluation of our content. We recommend this in many cases, and we call it a structured trial.

How does a structured trial work?

We’ll set you up with a Hotshot account for your organization and make all our content available for a limited time (up to two weeks). You’ll arrange for a group of people to use the content and ask for their feedback at the end of the trial.

Who should we include in the trial?

We suggest you include everyone you need to assess the content to make a yes or no decision. At a law firm, that’s usually a few people from professional development, a few partners, and a few associates.

Is there a maximum number of participants?

Because we open up all our content during the structured trial, we don’t want to make it too widely available. We ask you to limit it to whoever needs to assess the content to make a yes or no decision about a subscription – usually that’s 5-10 people, but more is fine if necessary.

Can I see usage reports on a trial?

Yes. If you do a structured trial we can set up admins on your organization’s account. That will give you access to usage reports and other admin features like the blended-learning exercises.

Can we have more than two weeks on our structured trial?

We prefer to limit it to two weeks because we’re opening up all our content, and it doesn’t take long to check it out. It’s best to find a time when all the participants are available to take a proper look at Hotshot. Let’s talk about when that would be.

What happens at the end of the trial?

Two things:

  1. You gather feedback from the users. We can help you with an online survey if needed.

  2. You let us know whether or not you’re going ahead with a subscription. 

If you do, we take care of the paperwork and introduce you to our Customer Success team. If you decide not to go ahead, we ask you to let us know why so we can understand the decision and improve our product in the future

We’re ready to go ahead – how do we do that?

Contact our customer success team and we’ll get your account set up and be in touch with more information.