How do law firm subscriptions work?

Who gets access?

Our subscriptions for law firms provide access to anyone at the firm – lawyers, paralegals, professional staff, etc. The heaviest users tend to be junior associates and summers, but we don’t limit access just to them.

What content is included?

You can choose which topics to include in the subscription. The best ways to decide which content makes sense for your firm is to do a trial and talk to someone on our Customer Success team

How much does Hotshot cost for a law firm?

There are two factors that determine our law firm pricing: 

  1. The size of the firm, measured by the number of lawyers

  2. The number of topics included in the subscription

You can see how choosing different numbers of topics affect the price with our pricing calculator.

All-topics subscriptions

If you choose to subscribe to all current topics, we include all new content produced during the subscription term at no additional cost.

There are other benefits when you subscribe to all topics. For example, if you integrate Hotshot with your LMS we’ll waive the integration fee, and you also have the option of multi-year pricing. 

Can we track our users’ usage?

Yes, we can set up administrators on your account who have access to usage reports. 

How do we add users to the subscription?

It’s a simple process: users sign up at our signup page and we automatically add them to your subscription by matching their email domain. We have email templates you can use that will help you with this process, and you’ll be supported by our Customer Success team.