How can I get CLE credits from Hotshot?

Hotshot has partnered with the American Bar Association to offer CLE credit for completing certain Hotshot tracks. To browse our CLE offerings, just go to the tracks page and look for tracks labeled “CLE”. You can use the CLE filters on the tracks page to find tracks that offer credit in the states relevant to you. If you don’t see a jurisdiction listed, we don’t offer credit in that jurisdiction. The good news is that we offer credit in almost all MCLE states.

Once you start watching a track, you can stop and come back to it later. We’ll save your progress so you can pick up where you left off anytime.

The short quizzes after each course in a track aren’t required for CLE credit, but taking them is strongly encouraged to help with learning. We don’t track or report out quiz scores.

I’ve finished the track—how do I get credit?

Once you’ve finished a CLE track, you’ll receive an email from the ABA ( in a day or two asking you to complete an application for credit. After you submit the application you’ll be able to download your CLE certificate of completion from the ABA.

If you don’t receive the email from the ABA, please check your spam folder – the email may have been blocked by your firm’s spam filters. Your IT department can whitelist the domain "" to avoid this issue.

I got an email from the ABA but I’m not applying for CLE credit—what do I do?

That’s fine – just ignore the email if you don’t intend to apply for CLE credits.