Featured Courses (September 2023)

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Topic: Corporate Governance

Course name: Franchise Taxes

Course description: A review of the two methods of calculating franchise tax, and why there’s no need to panic when a corporation receives its first bill.

Course URL: https://www.hotshotlegal.com/courses/franchise-taxes?utm_source=help&utm_medium=thumb&utm_campaign=featured_course


COG15 Franchise Taxes_2_ver4



Topic: Depositions

Course name: Defending a Deposition

Course description: Discussion of the role of the defending lawyer, ways to protect the witness, rules on counseling the witness during the deposition, correcting testimony, and re-direct.

Course URL: https://www.hotshotlegal.com/courses/defending-a-deposition?utm_source=help&utm_medium=thumb&utm_campaign=featured_course


DEP10. Defending a Deposition_1_ver2 [Archived on August 16, 2021]



Topic: Financial Services Industry

Course name: Custodian Banks

Course description: An overview of the custodian banking industry, including a description of custodian banks’ core trust, fiduciary, and financial and commodity market services, the types of customers that use custodian banks, the major custodian banks, and how they earn revenue. 

Course URL: https://www.hotshotlegal.com/courses/custodian-banks?utm_source=help&utm_medium=thumb&utm_campaign=featured_course


1. Custodian Banks.2


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