Featured Courses (May 2023)

Hotshot courses to highlight for users at your organization this month


Topic: Corporate Governance

Course name: Incorporation and Organization

Course description: The difference between incorporation and organization, important questions to ask before organizing, the process of incorporating, and post-incorporation matters like foreign qualifications.



Topic: Trial Practice

Course name: Creating a Master Trial Plan

Course description: How to create a master document that will serve as the blueprint for your entire trial. Every task your team tackles will be more efficient and more effective because of this document—letting you move through trial in an orderly fashion.



Topic: Accounting & Finance

Course name: Accrual Accounting and Revenue and Expense Recognition

Course description: The main difference between cash accounting and accrual accounting is how revenue and expenses are recognized. This course briefly explains these accounting methods and describes how revenue and expenses are recognized in accrual accounting.


A PDF version of these featured courses is available here.

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