Featured Courses (March 2023)

Hotshot courses to highlight for users at your organization this month


Topic: Corporate Governance

Course name: Life Cycle of a Corporation

Course description: The four stages of a corporation’s life cycle: startup, growth, maturity, and decline. Includes a discussion of the biggest governance issues faced by corporations at each stage.



Topic: Trial Practice

Course name: Direct Examination

Course description: How to prepare for direct examination of a fact witness, so you can go into your prep session with a trial-ready outline. Includes how to cover affirmative points that you need to get in through the witness, how to neutralize negative points you expect on cross, how and when to use exhibits, and how to think about redirect.



Topic: Accounting & Finance

Course name: Financial Concepts in Capital Markets Practice

Course description: The key financial concepts in capital markets practice, including types of securities, pricing, securities offerings and periodic reporting.


A PDF version of these featured courses is available here.

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