Featured Courses (June 2023)

Hotshot courses to highlight for your users this month


Topic: Corporate Governance

Course name: Capitalization

Course description: An overview of capitalization, including what lawyers mean when they talk about a company’s capitalization, the various forms of equity securities, the role of stock ledgers and transfer agents, and how to read a capitalization table.



Topic: Experts

Course name: Rebuttal Expert Reports

Course description: Strategic guidance regarding rebuttal expert reports. Covers how to work with your expert to efficiently and effectively review the other side’s opening report, decide which points to rebut, and outline the rebuttal. And discusses strategic drafting considerations as your expert writes and refines the report.



Topic: Accounting & Finance

Course name: Financial Concepts in M&A Practice

Course description: The key financial concepts in M&A practice, including valuations, the main financial provisions in M&A agreements and general tax and accounting issues.



A PDF version of these featured courses is available here.

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