Different firms have their own way of communicating with users, but we’ve found that rollouts are most successful when firms do five things:

  1. Get the support of practice group leaders. Before you communicate Hotshot’s availability to users, make sure that partners and practice group leaders know what Hotshot is and why the firm decided to subscribe. Some firms have had practice group leaders send out the initial user communications themselves, and that’s had a big positive impact on usage. Here are three videos you can send to the partners to introduce them to Hotshot content (no sign in required):Business Acumen, Litigation, and Transactional.

  2. Make sure there are no technical problems. Before you communicate widely to users, we recommend you test the sign up process to make sure your email services (virus scanner, spam filters, etc.) are allowing Hotshot's emails through and that users will be able to get access to Hotshot. Whitelisting Hotshot's domain may resolve these issues.

  3. Make the initial communication clear and compelling. We suggest a short email explaining why the firm has invested in Hotshot and giving instructions on how to sign up. We’ve put together these template messages for you to use.

  4. Have someone from the Hotshot team give a brief demo at practice group meetings (we can do this remotely).

  5. Add a button/link to Hotshot on your firm intranet (or similar system that’s used by the firm). Visit our help page on integration for more information.

  6. Follow up post-rollout to remind users they have access. As you know, people don't always take action the first time they're invited to do something, so it's a good idea to remind them a couple of weeks after the initial communication. We have several suggestions about how to this in creative ways.

We’ll discuss these tips together on your rollout call and come up with a plan that works best for your firm.

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